The Basic Principles of Feng Shui

Melbourne feng shui offers an alternative treatment to some of the mental and physical issues that people tend to face. The Chinese words “Feng Shui” mean “Wind and water”. The main concept behind Feng Shui has been extracted from the Ancient Chinese poem which mentions that human life is connected to the environment around it. This helps shed light on how we as humans are part of the environment.

So What Is Feng Shui Exactly?

Feng Shui as a philosophy focuses on the arrangement of pieces in our living spaces to bring balance to the natural world. It involves the harnessing of energy forces for establishing harmony between a person and the environment. According to Asian culture, the philosophy is known as Tao which means “The way”. Feng Shui and Taoism are based on similar nature and focus on reflecting nature to bring balance. Energy healer melbourne rely a lot on feng shui when they’re treating people with energy blocks. Let’s dive deeper into what Feng Shui is all about.

The Commanding Position

The part of the room which is the furthest away from the door is known as the commanding position. Ideally, it should put one diagonally towards the door to provide a clear line of sight. It is this part of the room where one should spend most of their time when in that room. Based on Feng Shui Melbourne guidelines, it is crucial that we determine the commanding position in each room and place our stove, desk, or bed in diagonal alignment if possible. Always remember that these three parts of the house represent significance in your life. The stove represents nourishment and wealth, the desk represents career, and the bed stands by you.

Bagua Map

Bagua means “Eight areas” and it refers to the Feng Shui energy map of the house. Each of these areas deals with a different circumstance in life such as career, wealth, and family. They also have corresponding earthly elements, numbers, seasons, colours, and shapes. Finally, the center of the Bagua is the ninth area which is you. It represents overall health and wellness. You can learn more about the bagua map in this feng shui training melbourne course.

The Bagua Areas

To add Bagua to your life, it is important that you identify each of these three areas. Now, you should not work on all of these areas simultaneously. Instead, you should work a particular area to strengthen energy. For instance, to boost fertility, a circular, metallic table may be added to the home as it would represent children and the circle of life. The Bagua areas are discussed below.

  • Family (Zhen): It represents new beginnings and family. The shape is rectangular, columnar. The colours include teal, blue, and green. 
  • Wealth (Xun): It represents prosperity, abundance, and wealth. The shape is also rectangular, columnar. The color is purple.
  • Health (Tai Qi): It represents the center, overall wellness, and health. The shape is square and flat. The colours are yellow, orange, and brown.
  • Helpful People (Qian): Represents helpful people. The shape is circular and the colour is grey.
  • Children (Dui): Represents children and has a circular shape. Its color is white.
  • Knowledge (Gen): Represents knowledge and has a flat shape. Its color is dark blue.
  • Fame (Li): Represents fame and has a triangle shape. Its color is red.
  • Career (Kan): Represents career and has a wavy shape. Its color is black.
  • Partnerships (Kun): Represents marriage and has a flat shape. Its color is pink.