Learning About Knee Pain: Symptoms & Causes

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Knee Pain is very common among people these days, and this is also a common problem for all ages. Knee pain can be a result of any injury, a torn muscle, or else any infections that occur in the knee can cause pain. If you are experiencing minor knee pains, you can take self-care measures to treat it. But in case the pain has been going on for a while, consult a good doctor or a physio in macleod.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

The severity and condition of Knee Pain macleod might vary for every individual, depending on the problem; hence they might experience different symptoms as well. Some signs that you can notice about knee pains are:

  • Swelling and Stiffness in Knee area
  • Redness and Warmth
  • Weakness of Knee
  • Crunching Noises in Knee Area
  • Inability to Straighten Knee
  • Injuries

Possible Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pains can occur through various causes. Some of the possible causes might be:

  1. Overweight or Loose Body

Sometimes, due to heavy weight and loose body, the bone or cartilage can experience breakage which can make it break off and float in the joint space. This can create interference with the knee joint movement.

  • Iliotibial band syndrome

This syndrome occurs when the tissue that extends from the outside of your hip to the outside of your knee experiences tightness to an extent such that it presses and rubs against your femur.

  • Dislocated Kneecap

This occurs when the covering bone that hides the front of your knee slips out of place. This happens usually outside of the knee.

  • Hip or foot pain.

You might have noticed how people with hip pains and foot pains walk a little differently than normal. These is because it can be very painful to walk with knee pains as your weight is stressed on your knee joint.

Knee Pain Prevention Strategies

Sometimes, no matter how much we prevent and plan, we still can face a lot of problems. Knee pains are also unpredictable in this way because nearly all adults and old aged individuals experience this.  Following are some suggestions that can help:

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Try to shed the extra pounds do that there is no extra stress on your knees. Extra weight can result in strain on your knees, resulting in knee pain and even osteoarthritis.
  • Play Sports and Exercise Regularly. Try to stay active by playing your favorite sports every day and exercising regularly. You can take help from a coach or trainer; they can also suggest you special exercises for preventing your knees from strain.
  • Stay Flexible and Active. Try to practice some poses and exercise to avoid weakening of muscles and inactivity. Weak muscles can lead to knee pain very quickly, because muscles are present at the joints and require strength for support. Practice balance and stability to help your body stay fit.